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  • Are all breeds allowed to attend daycare & boarding?
    Yes. We don't discriminate! All breeds are welcome. Every dog is required to go through a scheduled, extensive, interview with our team before being allowed to attend daycare. Any dog that is SLIGHTLY aggressive, will not be accepted into our daycare, regardless of their breed. For those pups who love humans, but not their own kind... we do provide a private boarding option, where they can board with us & their siblings if needed, and will be let out for play ALONE during the day.
  • Can I tour the facility before bringing my pet?
    Unfortunately only STAFF is allowed beyond the doors of the front desk to ensure our pup members safety. We do have pictures/videos on our website & social media. We also have 24/7 surveillance of your pups during daycare & the larger boarding Deluxe & Executive suites.
  • What about medications/supplements?
    Each pup has an in depth chart that stays with them at their private boarding room to ensure your dog has the proper care, and so that every employee is aware of their needs. We are able to distribute ONLY oral, topical medication/supplements if needed and provided by you. (including: ear drops, eye drops, pills, liquids, topical cream, etc.) (NO injections)
  • What does my pet need for an overnight stay?
    Please always have your dogs collar/nametag & leash! Not required, but we strongly advise for you to bring: • Their food (If not, we do have food for purchase as long as your dog has no allergies) • Medications/supplements (if needed) • Their bed/blanket (We do have if needed but, It's best to keep them as comfortable as possible with the scent of home) • Your pups favorite toys/treats (Options available for purchase)
  • Should I feed my dog before coming in?
    Yes. Dogs do not eat during daycare due to allergies & angry eaters! We do provide water throughout daycare, all day. Please be mindful to feed your pups ATLEAST 1 hr and 30 minutes prior to arriving at our facility. Your dogs will be very active when they are having fun here and we'd like to avoid any bloat or other sickness. For boarding, we advise you to bring your dogs food along with your pup, so we can give them their meals. We do have the option to purchase food that we provide for boarding as well.
  • What is required for my dog to be able to attend daycare/boarding?
    All dogs must be neutered/spay in order to attend daycare or public boarding. Pups must also be up to date on their vaccines: RABIES, DLHPP, & BORDETELLA . Contact us to schedule your dogs mandatory interview!
  • Do I need a reservation for doggy daycare?
    As long as your pup is an accepted member of 4 PAWS ONLY, with a passed interview... your pooch is welcome to walk in anytime!

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